Monday, March 28, 2016

How New Era Assisted Living Communities Are Increasing Their Relevancy

 First mover assisted living communities with an ‘eye on’ and a plan for the future are underway with and aggressively moving to position themselves to be ever more relevant to future clients. My engagements with these communities clearly points to two prime motivators. First, recognition that the age-at-home desire is serious and very real. Second, that advances in technologies can indeed provide a cost effective manner with which to engage and establish ‘early’ relationships with future clients.

My previous blog on “The Rise of the Virtual Nursing Home” attracted unprecedented traffic and stimulated a wide range of discussions. That was a good thing. What has been the takeaway from those discussions thus far? Let me share –

1.       There are active projects underway to set up technology demonstration centers located at the ‘brick & mortar’ communities that show how those ‘aging-at-home’ in the surrounding geographic areas can become part of the community.

2.       These centers will show how to improve the quality of life, security and social engagement while ‘aging-at-home’.

3.       They will serve as a provision centers (show rooms) for technologies that the community can provision to ‘boomers’ thereby engaging with them actively as future residents during their ‘age-at-home’ stage.

By taking these actions assisted living communities not only making very smart ‘marketing move’ but positioning themselves for new revenue sources not just for the technology services but for additional care giver and social services than can then naturally flow through their now established ‘virtual communities’.
Two technologies are at the starting point epicenter:

Unified care-recipient/care-giver tablet based communications – like MyHomeReach, custom branded to the community. This technology establishes a sense of community, allows for constant health status and security monitoring and is designed to embrace everyone involved with community news and events – including remote family members.

And, the use of (specialized for seniors) telepresence (video links) as in home video consoles to facilitate tele-health and social engagement. And, if permitted to view the health ‘situation’ and living conditions of those at home. The products have become very cost effective and are simple to set up

As we at ChartaCares are actively working to frame them out, I can assure you that these initiatives are moving forward – aggressively. If you would like to discuss this subject further feel free to call me at 603-580-5497. I’d be happy to share what we have learned.