Thursday, April 28, 2016

An Observation About AARP’s Project Catalyst Report on Caregivers and Technology

At the outset, let me start by saying that I am a biased reader of this report and that in no manner has AARP or the report’s authors endorsed the claims I make below. The report’s developers did a first rate job at synthesizing the data, the findings and surfacing the issues and trends. This report will be must read and an oft quoted source of statistics for anyone involved in home based care and care giving. My appreciation also extends to the sponsors of the report.

Why am I a biased reviewer? Over the last two years as an innovator in this market place I have become deeply involved with the technologies available. I can confidently state that the survey’s response statistics accurately reflects my real world experience interacting with end users.

Based upon that experience, and now substantiated by this report, our MyHomeReach product, a tablet based system for care givers and care recipients, could accurately have been included as the ‘poster child’ for a recommended solution. Point by point, MyHomeReach surpasses the stated expectations and requirements recommended for consideration by technology providers by the report’s authors. We have done more that consider them we have done it.

To state it another way, this report could easily serve as a blueprint for why MyHomeReach was created.

If you want to read the just published report it is, as of this writing, currently available at:

If you want to see the solution, see:

So, thank you AARP and the report’s Sponsors. At ChartaCares we are profoundly encouraged and will innovate on!