Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Loneliness Is A Real Killer - Scene 2

While I am continually saddened by the impact of ‘loneliness’, I am pleased to share an article just published in the LA TIMES written by Melissa Healy and just published on April 19.

I first wrote about this growing scourge because of the firsthand impact I have experienced with providing technologies to reduce the impact of loneliness especially on seniors. Aging is challenging. Aging at home more challenging. Aging alone, nearly un-challengeable. And now, the data is in. loneliness kills.

I am unabashed in offering you awareness of two technologies that can be transformative in the lives of seniors -- our MyHomeReach and Selfhelp systems. I intend to offend no one using this forum to increase awareness. If I can help even one life, it will have been worth being bounced from some user groups.

I can be reached at or by phone 603-580-5497 if you would like to learn more.

Mike Radice